For a web app using inside company, I decided using Laravel 8 as framework.

I am not familiar with Laravel 8 even didn't developed any apps with Laravel, so this would be the resources for very very beginner like me.

The level of understanding

I have php development experience and some HTML and CSS, Javascript knowledges, also developed some MVC Model apps, but 0 experience in Laravel.

This time, I plan to develop a web app, which could run on Rental Server(Lolipop) and could process with APIs, Databases.

So, following resources are based on my understanding, I would like to share these resources with other who also want to learn laravel 8.

Resources I fond at Youtube

Laravel 8 Cuid tutorial (14 minutes)

Larave 8 with Bootstrap (17 minutes)

Laravel with vuejs (22 minutes)

Laravel with Vue make SPA(Single Page Application) ( 35 minutes)


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